BERG Race & Balanz Bike

Ready, set, go! Almost no-one can keep up with you on this fast Bergtoys pedal go-kart! Your friends will be so envious.

Hey, what just flashed past? It's you, on your BERG Race pedal go-kart! Are you certain you want to be a racing driver? Then start practising now. Whether you choose the Bergtoys Race, or the Bergtoys Ferrari which looks just like the real thing, your racing pedal go-kart always has super-fast slick-tyres and an aerodynamic spoiler!

Thanks to its sport seat and the real disc brakes, you can complete even the most exciting race safely. What top speed will you set on the onboard computer?

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BERG BalanzBike Extenz XL (BF-3)

You whizz along the street on this crazy BalanzBike with three gears.
$1,049.00 excl tax $899.00 excl tax excluding shipping