BERG Specials (Age 5+)

You really should be seen on this Bergtoys BERG Special pedal go-kart. All the models are equally special and unique.

You are very very special, and you'd like to show it!
If you'd like to have something very few others have, then choose one of our specials. You'll then know for sure that you have something unique!

The BERG Specials are given a special colour or a theme, making them unique vehicles. What do you think of the BERG Safari, the sturdy Black Edition or super-cool Chopper with impressive front fork?

Some of the specials are only kept in our range temporarily. So if this is the pedal go-kart that suits you precisely, don't hesitate too long but grab the opportunity. Want to bet that everyone looks up as you pass by on such a unique go-kart?
Show who you are with a Bergtoys BERG Special!

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BERG Black Edition BFR-3

Suitable for the most exciting adventures! The black version creates excitement in itself. Invisible in the dark, true adventurers will get off to a very smooth and fast start thanks to the three gears.
$1,519.00 excl tax excluding shipping


A real eye-catcher! Fantastic design in a great colour combination. You can really make your mark with the BERG X-Cross!
$1,089.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG X-Cross BFR-3

Three gears kart! This sturdy go-kart will take you through every adventure and muddy puddle! Are you ready for it?
$1,489.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Black Edition BFR

For exciting adventures and top-secret missions!
$1,119.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG BalanzBike Bazzic XL

For someone wanting something different: Steer with your body, super-manoeuvrable and lightning-fast. Sensational!
$7,090.00 excl tax $629.00 excl tax excluding shipping