BERG Rally/City Compact (Age 4-12)

Even playing outdoors in town is great with these Bergtoys pedal go-karts. Discover your neighbourhood on this fast and manoeuvrable pedal go-kart!

Do you enjoy riding through narrow streets as you explore your town? Or do your parents regularly say: We've got no room for a pedal go-kart? Then choose one of these pedal go-karts. Specially created to cruise nicely through the town or park! And wonderfully compact, so it doesn't take up much space. Because the pedal go-kart is not too big, it's wonderfully manoeuvrable and you can take all the corners easily. These Bergtoys pedal go-karts are available in various models for boys and girls.

There's sure to be one with which you can be a familiar figure in your neighbourhood.

Climb on and ride away! Of course staying indoors is also an option...

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BERG Rally Force

This cool, compact go-kart is a great toy and encourages children to want to play outdoors and have fun. Exploring the neighbourhood, organizing a race - you can do all this with the BERG Rally. The BERG Rally Force comes in great colours and has a cool front spoiler. This makes it the ultimate racing edition within the Rally go-kart series. The BFR system allows children to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. This ensures more fun and safety.
$649.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG Rally Pearl

The BERG Rally Pearl has the exciting colour combinations and compact design of a real eye-catcher in the neighbourhood! The go-kart has a small turning circle, making it very maneuverable. The Rally Pearl is equipped with the BFR system. With the BFR system, you can drive forwards, brake but also reverse by simply pedaling forwards and backwards. The Rally is fitted with 4 pneumatic tyres which enable you to drive around quietly and comfortably. Together with the swing axle, this makes the go-kart stable and safe.
$649.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Kart BERG Compact Pink BFR

This super cool go-kart is fast and agile.
$829.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Kart BERG Compact Sport BFR

Its compact design makes this BERG Compact Sports BFR go-kart fast and agile!
$829.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Kart BERG Jeep Adventure

A light and compact pedal go-kart in the original JeepĀ® design, with tough all-terrain tires.
$679.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG Rally Orange

Light pedal go-kart for some great touring through the neighbourhood or over the winding paths in the park.
$649.00 excl tax excluding shipping